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Top Reasons to Visit | Miraval Berkshires

We had a wonderful visit to Miraval Berkshires in the spring of 2021… It’s one of our favorite recent openings as our New York Tri-State Area clients were able to enjoy its wonderful programming throughout the COVID pandemic. Open spaces, endless activities and a wonderful culinary experience are the top reasons you should consider Miraval Berkshires for your next Wellness Getaway.

The Great Room | A Wonderful Place to Get Together

Your stay at Miraval Berkshires is centered around the wonderful great room. It’s open layout and vaulted ceilings is the perfect place for friends and couples to gather between their busy day of activities and classes. From here, you are steps away to the Spa, the fitness center, the outdoor pool and of course the dining areas. There is access to the wonderful coffee bar, quick eats, snack’s and afternoon/evening cocktails…

Everything Fitness | Group or Private?

If you are like us, we are always looking for creative ways to restart our fitness routines. Miraval Berkshires gave us the opportunity to try new classes and meet with personal trainers. During our time there we were able to concentrate on customizing new routines and practices that we incorporated throughout 2021. In particular, we loved the Fitness Drumming class. With two drumsticks and an exercise ball, our instructor moved us through an energetic session of high energy drumming and leg work. Miraval also has all the popular fitness classes, from Yoga to Spinning, to meet your Fitness Goal. Toward the end of our stay, I personally took advantage to practice what we learned in their state-of-the-art gym. Swimmers will love both the indoor and outdoor pools.

The Spa| An Artful Place to Relax and Reconnect

Miraval Berkshires Spa Entrance

The Miraval experience continues with its 29000 square foot spa complex. The wellness staff did an amazing job combining some of Miraval Signature Experiences while also customizing treatments uniquely at the core of the Berkshires. The experience starts 6 weeks prior to your arrival as you create your program with the experience planners. They are in the unique position to create the perfect wellness program. Personally, I love great massages and I had two great massages during my stay. I would highly recommend the 80 minute Deep Mountain Massage on the 2nd or 3rd day of your stay.

Mindfulness | What is Your Intention?

One of the biggest differences between Miraval Berkshires and other spa resorts in the Northeast, is its mindfulness program. The resort wellness programmers have created a well-rounded set of programming to full fill your mindfulness needs. Whether it’s to reconnect with a loved one or to grieve a loss, Miraval Berkshires can customize a program to help achieve your goal. Clients rave about meditation called “Cultivating Harmony w/ Singing Bowls”. It’s purpose is to help clients find their center upon arrival. On a different note and always an amazing surprise is Miraval’s equine and animals connection program. In our experience there is no other resort experience with it’s sole purpose to help expand your vision by connecting you to other species.

Enjoying the Outdoors | Challenge yourself at their Adventure Center

The Berkshires is such a wonderful area to enjoy the great outdoors. Miraval has taken advantage of its unique property and its surrounding to ensure that clients can take advantage of the great outdoors throughout the year. From guided hikes to paddle boarding, cross country skiing to snow shoeing, the staff at Miraval Berkshires will ensure that you can connect with nature. If you like to try new things, the adventure center can create adrenaline filled activities. Climb the 35 foot ladder with a partner or challenge yourself through it’s rope course.

Oh… The Food

Miraval Berkshires Culinary Scene
Miraval Berkshires Culinary Scene

Visitors need to fuel their bodies as they navigate their busy fitness routines. Miraval Berkshires culinary scene concentrates on sourcing as many ingredients from their resort gardens and local producers. Besides its wonderful daily menu’s there are great opportunities to participate in classes, demonstrations and seminars. We loved the restaurants and the client feedback has been consistently amazing…

Booking w/ Elli Travel Group | Same Rates More Perks

Booking Miraval Resorts with Elli Travel Group always gives you amazing value. You will always pay the same rates as booking direct but our Virtuoso Amenities are always added to the booking. Elli Travel Group clients receive an additional $100 spa credit per stay, welcome amenity and top priority for room upgrades.

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