What is Virtuoso?

Elli Travel Group is a member of the invitation-only Virtuoso travel network.  Virtuoso is the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury travel.


How can you benefit by working with a Virtuoso travel advisor?

As a Virtuoso member travel agency, clients benefit from Elli Travel's destination knowledge and Virtuoso's global connections in over 26 countries, with roughly 1,800 travel partners.  We meet with hoteliers at fine hotels and resorts to directly learn about the hottest new travel trends.  The complimentary benefits and experiences that our advisors offer can often add up to a value of more than $500.

How much more does the Virtuoso rate cost?

In general, the Virtuoso rate is the same as the best flexible rate offered directly by the hotel.  You do not pay more to work with an Elli Travel advisor.  Rate exceptions may apply to discounted, prepaid non-refundable rates...but it is worth asking your advisor before you miss any perks!

Do you want to research and book your own hotels and still access our Virtuoso benefits? 

You can always contact an Elli Travel advisor. We know some people prefer to search and book instantly and that is ok too.  It's easy!

  1. Click below to search the Virtuoso hotel catalog by date, city or hotel. 

  2. Select a room to book, 

  3. Create your booking account, or login if already created

  4. Pick your Elli Travel advisor (you only have to do this once)

  5. Enter reservation details

  6. Receive your email confirmation

Upgrade Your Luxury Travel Experience

The Virtuoso Difference

Why Miss Out?

Daily Breakfast

Start the day off right. Complimentary daily breakfast for two.


Enjoy a one time $100 credit towards the spa or food and beverage. (Hotel dictates the amenity)


Recognition has its benefits. A world of amenities & exclusive access.


Priority access to upgrades, early check in and check out.

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