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Our goal?
Help Advisors thrive.

Our Independent Contractor model means you never compete with your agency.

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New advisors

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Are you looking for a new career?

Elli Travel is a boutique agency w/ an entrepreneurial vision. 

  • Be introduced to the luxury travel industry with hands on training & ongoing mentorship

  • Share knowledge and contacts with our team of like-minded & respected travel professionals

  • Meet regularly with sales professionals from leading luxury brands

  • Explore personalized marketing and support options - every advisor is unique, with unique needs and unique clients.

  • Limitless income in this commission-based sales industry.

Existing Advisors

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Looking for a change? 

Our goals are aligned & our mission is to help advisors thrive.

  • Expand your business with the industry's highest published commission splits.

  • Opt to create a team of advisors & benefit from specialization & revenue sharing. 

  • Enjoy in-person office meetings & virtual events

  • Collaborate with peers & foster preferred supplier partnerships. 

  • Dedicated consultation to help achieve your individual business goals. 

  • Customizable marketing templates & lead sharing to attract new clients. 

  • Complimentary commission collection after 90 days outstanding

Industry Leading Commission Structure

Elli Travel Advisors retain 100% of their collected service fees

Tier 1

Up to $80,000 in annual collected commissions, Advisors retain 60% of collected commissions.

Tier 2

From $80,001 to $100,000 in annual collected commissions,  Advisors retain 75% of collected commissions.

Tier 3

From $100,001 to $150,000 in annual collected commissions, Advisors retain 80% of collected commissions,

Tier 4

From $150.001 to $200,000 in annual collected commissions, Advisors retain 85% of collected


Tier 5

From $200,001 to $350,000 in annual collected commissions, Advisors retain 90% of collected commissions.

Tier 6

From $3500.000+ in annual collected commissions Advisors retain 95% of collected commissions.

Our Innovative Approach



We believe in fair & transparent commission-based compensation...


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We believe that recognition as top producers benefit clients & fosters relationships...



We believe in the power of a group of like minded advisors...



We believe that each advisor needs individualized support & assistance...


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We believe in empowering advisors w/ hands on mentoring...


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We believe in constant innovation with new ideas, systems and processes...



We believe that technology provides an operational advantage...


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We believe financial reports & planning garner financial success...



We believe marketing through diverse channels best articulates your value...