• Naomi Lowenthal

    Luxury Travel Advisor | Larchmont, NY


    Naomi is excited to return to her roots in the travel industry.  An award-winning public relations professional, Naomi planned journalist visits and publicity for well-known hotel chains, the country of Panama and Universal Studios in Florida.


    Naomi has been traveling for as long she can remember. She has visited six continents, lived in Bogota, Colombia and does a deep dive when she plans trips for family and friends.  She loves learning about the cultures of other countries including food and unique experiences.  Naomi combines her passion for travel with her skills managing complex events to help her clients plan the trips of their dreams.


    Naomi enjoys both solo and family travel.  She recently took a solo trip to China to climb the Great Wall and see the Terra Cotta Warriors.  It was followed by a multigenerational family trip for 12 to Richmond, Virginia.  She and her husband have walked with elephants in Thailand, explored cities throughout Asia and Europe and love relaxing on beaches from Cape Cod to the Caribbean.   A mother of three, Naomi has traveled with her children to London, Paris, Bali, Colombia, Puerto Rico, throughout the East Coast and California. One of her favorite memories is of her daughter holding her hand and singing “Under the Sea” when they snorkeled Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.


    Naomi lives in Larchmont, enjoys tennis and bridge and can often be seen walking around town with her cockapoo, Ollie.

Completed Travel Specialty Programs

Throughout the year I spend countless hours meeting with partners, attending conferences & completing training programs. 


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