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Luxury Hotels: Review of Sheen Falls Lodge, Kenmare Ireland

Updated: May 23, 2020

Elli Travel Group is featured in the JAJ of Travel Blog

Elli Travel Group’s Kristen Fernandez has been an advocate of Ireland for nearly a decade. But it was only recently that she visited the Emerald Isle for the first time. “Charming, picturesque, cozy and welcoming” are among her first impressions of Sheen Falls Lodge.And Kenmare. “I had no idea that Ireland’s food was so fabulous,” says Kristen. “So many items are picked, grown and fished within a few miles of Sheen Falls Lodge.” One of the highlights of her trip: the Kenmare Foodie walking tour, which included stops at local cheese shops, pastries, chocolatiers. “Such a great way to experience the local community near Sheen Falls Lodge,” says Kristen. “And so many of the purveyors have had roles at Sheen Falls in the past that you really understand the Lodge’s positive impact in the area.” Another love: the falconry/owl experience, “highly memorable.” And ‘wow’ factor of “climbing/hiking up Gleninchaquin trail and reaching the top. You’re looking over a waterfall, out to the rolling green fields dotted with little white sheep, and further to the sea and Kenmare Bay. Breathtaking.” But even more beautiful – “Ireland’s people. They’re welcoming, friendly, educated, ambitious and hardworking. Sheen Falls is perfect for families – for area activities and couples – for the charm and opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.”

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