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Luxury Hotels: Review of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Tofino Vancouver Island

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Prior to his recent visit to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Elli Travel Group’s Juan Fernandez had never been to Vancouver. Or western Canada for that matter. The experience left a lasting impression. Especially the arrival…

“Nowhere in the world do guests arrive by seaplane and then transfer (to the lodge) by horse and carriage,” says Juan. “The experience is just so unique; I don’t know anything that comes close to it. The entire staff comes out to welcome guests – with a glass of wine, aperitifs. And the views – of the river, sound, mountains – are just spectacular.

Wow Factor:“To me, the ‘wow’ factor is Clayoquot’s one-of-a-kind location. And fact that every day is different. Who knew that watching a sea otter float on its back in the middle of the ocean would be so entertaining. Or that watching it open sea urchins would be the highlight of a trip where I saw whales, bear and bald eagles. The staff, too, is a wow. The guides are knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic.”

Unexpected Surprises:“The tent was incredibly large and comfortable. And I was surprised that it had an attached outdoor shower. I also loved the new bar with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offered sound and river views – the perfect place to relax after a busy day. I knew the food was going to be good but did not expect it to be as extraordinary as it was.  Chef Michael’s black cod is out of this world. And be sure to start the day with any variation of pancakes.

Favorite Excursion:“If I  had to pick just one, it would be the hike to Penny Falls. In the middle of the hike, you come upon a swimming hole with a beautiful waterfall, Penny Falls.  You climb onto a large log into the middle of the pool and drop four to five feet into the water. Extremely refreshing – something not to be missed.

Recommended For:“Families who have enjoyed dude ranches would absolutely love Clayoquot. But unlike a typical dude ranch, Clayoquot is the perfect place to enjoy and experience a one-of-a-kind UNESCO biosphere.  I would also recommend it to active couples who have gone on safari, the Galapagos or Patagonia…and for those just looking to reconnect. It’s very romantic to listen to raindrops falling on canvas (tent).

As published in the JAJ of Travel Blog....

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