Customer Testimonials


February 2020

It is always a complete and utter pleasure to work with Shari. She always listens to our vague ideas and turns them into a solid plan for a perfect vacation! So much more fun to plan a trip this way than to slog through the anxiety of planning and the drudgery of actually booking on my own. And we end up with extra amenities to boot!! I can’t imagine not using her help now!

Liz & Josh 

February 2020

Shari is incredibly easy to work with! She understood exactly what we wanted and presented several different options based on what we asked for. Shari is also extremely detail oriented and organized which helped ensure the smoothest trip possible with nothing overlooked. Our trip to Australia overlapped with some of the wildfires and Shari checked in on us to make sure we were safe and helped us get status updates for different tours we had scheduled in advanced. We will definitely be working with Shari again on future trips!

John T.

December 2019

Amazing travel agent, so helpful, creative, thoughtful - attentive to every detail and to my preferences! I handed over my two week trip to Japan for Shari to come up with an itinerary, flights, train travel, guides and activities with certain absolute needs. It turned out to be an amazing trip and perhaps the most relaxing vacation I have ever had!  She came up with everything from great hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto, a two day stay at a lovely spa hotel in Hakone (completely her idea and just wonderful!), guides who took me around when I wanted, negotiated a special $$ credit at the Ritz Carlton in Kyoto that I turned into an amazing massage, and thought of a cooking class in Tokyo to do with my foodie son. I I never had to think about how I wd get to a train, plane or hotel! I have never traveled like this before and am now counting on her to help me with future trips!!

Alan T. 

April 2019

Shari was wonderful to work with. We changed plans several times before our trip and Shari took care of everything quickly, efficiently and always with a warm and friendly manner. The hotel recommendations were excellent and we wouldn't change a thing. Will definitely work with her on our next trip.

Michelle B.  

February 2019

Shari was a dream to work with planning our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Cabo. She booked us at an amazing resort and got us an upgrade we were not expecting. I could go on with accolades for Shari but I would rather you try her out yourself and see the kind of spectacular service you get! Thank you Shari for making our trip so special!

Jay M. 

February 2019

Many thanks for recommending The Four Seasons Casa Medina in Bogota, Colombia
Our stay at this exquisite “hotel” felt more like four days in someone’s private villa
The service coupled with the attention to detail far exceeded our expectations
The level of professionalism of the staff coupled with the gracious attitudes helped to make our stay simply stupendous
You are a wonderful “Travel Coach”, and with your own depths of travel you truly know how to tailor programs for your clientele
Many thanks again!!!!
With much gratitude

Gillian S.

November 2018

Everything went perfectly.  It was just a perfect trip from beginning to end and I can’t thank you enough!!! You did an amazing job planning and organizing it for me- and I am so glad I went with your suggestions on hotels, help - it made it a really special experience and a real vacation!!!  

Allyson M.

October 2018

Can’t say enough about Shari Weinstein and the incredible trip she has planned for us to go to Peru. I was not the easiest client and she held my hand through everything. Her knowledge of travel is top notch

Carly A.

July 2019

We had a wonderful trip to Greece!  There’s really nothing that I would change… everything was perfect and it was exactly the right kind of vacation for our family.  Thank you so much for all your help. We have some great memories to cherish forever!  - 

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